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Prince Edward Island Winter Tour

If your Island winter getaway includes the whole family, there’s something here to suit everyone’s appetite for adventure at PEI. We guarantee, it will be a everlasting memory in your life. As a family, small or large groups, we can arrange coach bus tours from Toronto to the Prince Edward Island this winter.

There are lots of fun to enjoy and see. It’s one of a kind experience with the real Canadian winter fun activities foe any age group. You have have lived in Canada for decades, but not even travelled more than 50 kilometres… That’s true… most of us do the same routine in everyday life., just work-home, home-work…. When is the time to relax and enjoy yourself as a family and breathe the Winterlicious  aroma throughout Canada in every season.

We have the best option with bus tours… so that you can relax at any point of time after a luxury ride in our luxury coach bus. Hope you are excited reading this and want to know more about the winter packages we have just for you which cab fit any kind of budget. Give us a call @ 1(866) 964-3811 or fill out our online request quote form. Galaxy Tours Canada is there to make your winter vacation within Canada the popular memorable thing in your life. Cheers!

New York Tours

New York is one of the most thrilling and dynamic cities in the world, and taking the Big Bus sightseeing tour of this multi-faceted city will let you experience all it has to offer. Throughout your tour of New York City you can explore several neighbourhoods spanning Downtown, Midtown and Uptown.

We arrange bus tours from Canada to New York in an affordable way for any kind of group travel or sight-seeing. Our coaches are well equipped with all the facilities you need on-board and we make the trip comfortable for each and every passenger with all the luxury you may need.


You can visit top New York attractions and see iconic landmarks throughout your tour, including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Brooklyn Bridge.


There are several tours plans to choose from that will help you make the most of your sightseeing in New York.

Niagara Wine Tours

Niagara is home to more than 50 world-class wineries. The wineries in the region offer wine tour, culinary adventures, wine tasting and more! Tour Niagara’s Wine Route throughout the scenic countryside by car, bus, bicycle, limo or opt a guided wine tour. Many of the hotels and wineries in Niagara Falls offer wine tours and tasting as well as on-site restaurants where wines are paired with gourmet regional cuisine. After you’ve sampled and selected your favourite wines, you can purchase them in the wineries gift shop. The winter is a magical season for the Niagara Region Wineries. Be part of the festivities of the winter ice wine festival and fall wine festival hosted by wineries in the Niagara Region.

For a special occasion, treat yourself to a winemaker’s dinner or relax under a starry sky and listen to a musical concert in the vineyard.

Over 90% of Canada’s icewine is produced by Niagara Vintners and Niagara Icewine has become a world leader in quality. Icewine harvest takes place when the temperature reaches between minus 10 and minus 13 degrees Celsius. This provides the optimum sugar level and flavour in the grapes. The grapes are carefully picked by hand and often an entire vine only makes a single bottle. This is why icewine can be so expensive and is often sold in half-bottles. It is very sweet and is usually drunk as a dessert wine after being chilled for one or two hours.


The beautiful “British Columbia”

British Columbia also commonly referred to by its initials BC, is a province located on the west coast of Canada. British Columbia is also a component of the Pacific Northwest and the Cascadia bioregion, along with the US states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. The province’s name was chosen in 1858 by members of the Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada. Its Latin motto is Splendor sine occasu (“Splendour without Diminishment”).

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, the fifteenth-largest metropolitan region in Canada, named for the Queen who created the Colony of British Columbia. The largest city is Vancouver, the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada, the largest in Western Canada, and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest. In October 2013, British Columbia had an estimated population of 4,606,371 (about 2.5 million of whom were in Greater Vancouver). The province is currently governed by the BC Liberal Party, led by Premier Christy Clark, who became leader as a result of a leadership convention vote on February 26, 2011, and who led her party to an election victory on May 14, 2013.

British Columbia evolved from British possessions that were established in what is now British Columbia by 1871. First Nations, the original inhabitants of the land, have a history of at least 10,000 years in the area. Today there are few treaties and the question of Aboriginal Title, long ignored, has become a legal and political question of frequent debate as a result of recent court actions. Notably, the Tsilhqot’in Nation has established Aboriginal title to a portion of their territory, as a result of the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision (Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia).

British Columbia’s economy is largely resource-based. It is the endpoint of transcontinental railways, and the site of major Pacific ports that enable international trade. Though less than 5% of its vast 944,735 km2 (364,764 sq mi) land is arable, the province is agriculturally rich, (particularly in the Fraser and Okanagan valleys), because of milder weather near the coast and in certain sheltered southern valleys. Its climate encourages outdoor recreation and tourism, though its economic mainstay has long been resource extraction, principally logging, farming, and mining. Vancouver, the province’s largest city and metropolitan area, also serves as the headquarters of many western-based natural resource companies. It also benefits from a strong housing market and a per capita income well above the national average. While the coast of British Columbia and certain valleys in the south-central part of the province have mild weather, the majority of its land mass experiences a cold-winter-temperate climate similar to that of the rest of Canada. The Northern Interior region has a subarctic climate with very cold winters. The climate of Vancouver is by far the mildest winter climate of the major Canadian cities, with nighttime January temperatures averaging above the freezing point.

British Columbia contains seven of Canada’s national parks:

  • Glacier National Park
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
  • Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Mount Revelstoke National Park
  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
  • Yoho National Park

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